Fair Differentially Private Federated Learning Framework

Ayush K. Varshney, Sonakshi Garg, Arka Ghosh, Sargam Gupta

Federated learning (FL) is a distributed machine learning strategy that enables participants to collaborate and train a shared model without sharing their individual datasets. Privacy and fairness are crucial considerations in FL. While FL promotes privacy by minimizing the amount of user data stored on central servers, it still poses privacy risks that need to be addressed. Industry standards such as differential privacy, secure multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption, and secure aggregation protocols are followed to ensure privacy in FL. Fairness is also a critical issue in FL, as models can inherit biases present in local datasets, leading to unfair predictions. Balancing privacy and fairness in FL is a challenge, as privacy requires protecting user data while fairness requires representative training data. This paper presents a "Fair Differentially Private Federated Learning Framework" that addresses the challenges of generating a fair global model without validation data and creating a globally private differential model. The framework employs clipping techniques for biased model updates and Gaussian mechanisms for differential privacy. The paper also reviews related works on privacy and fairness in FL, highlighting recent advancements and approaches to mitigate bias and ensure privacy. Achieving privacy and fairness in FL requires careful consideration of specific contexts and requirements, taking into account the latest developments in industry standards and techniques.

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