Optimal Geometries of Dual-Polarized Arrays for Large Point-to-Point MIMO Channels

Amna Irshad, Emil Björnson

Traditional point-to-point line-of-sight channels have rank 1, irrespective of the number of antennas and array geometries, due to far-field propagation conditions. By contrast, recent papers in the holographic multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) literature characterize the maximum channel rank that can be achieved between two continuous array apertures, which is much larger than 1 under near-field propagation conditions. In this paper, we maximize the channel capacity between two dual-polarized uniform rectangular arrays (URAs) with discrete antenna elements for a given propagation distance. In particular, we derive the antenna spacings that lead to an ideal MIMO channel where all singular values are as similar as possible. We utilize this analytic result to find the two array geometries that respectively minimize the aperture area and the aperture length.

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