mdTLS: How to Make middlebox-aware TLS more efficient?

Taehyun Ahn, Jiwon Kwak, Seungjoo Kim

The more data transmission over TLS protocol becomes increasingly common in IT Systems, the more middleboxes are deployed in networks. These middleboxes have several advantages, however, they become the target of cyber-attacks. Many researchers proposed revised versions of TLS protocols to make them secure, however, their approaches had some limitations. In this paper, we propose a middlebox-delegated TLS (mdTLS) protocol to improve performance based on the middlebox-aware TLS (maTLS), one of the most secure TLS protocols. We found out that the computational complexity of mdTLS is about twice as low as that of maTLS. Furthermore, we formally verified that our proposal meets newly defined security goals as well as those verified by maTLS. All of the formal models and lemmas are open to the public through following url

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