Test Time Reduction Reusing Multiple Processors in a Network-on-Chip Based Architecture

Alexandre M. Amory, Marcelo Lubaszewski, Fernando G. Moraes, Edson I. Moreno

The increasing complexity and the short life cycles of embedded systems are pushing the current system-on-chip designs towards a rapid increasing on the number of programmable processing units, while decreasing the gate count for custom logic. Considering this trend, this work proposes a test planning method capable of reusing available processors as test sources and sinks, and the on-chip network as the test access mechanism. Experimental results are based on ITC'02 benchmarks and on two open core processors compliant with MIPS and SPARC instruction set. The results show that the cooperative use of both the on-chip network and the embedded processors can increase the test parallelism and reduce the test time without additional cost in area and pins.

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