Transmit Power Minimization for MIMO Systems of Exponential Average BER with Fixed Outage Probability

Dian-Wu Yue, Yichuang Sun

This paper is concerned with a wireless system operating in MIMO fading channels with channel state information being known at both transmitter and receiver. By spatiotemporal subchannel selection and power control, it aims to minimize the average transmit power (ATP) of the MIMO system while achieving an exponential type of average bit error rate (BER) for each data stream. Under the constraints of a given fixed individual outage probability (OP) and average BER for each subchannel, based on a traditional upper bound and a dynamic upper bound of Q function, two closed-form ATP expressions are derived, respectively, and they correspond to two different power allocation schemes. Numerical results are provided to validate the theoretical analysis, and show that the power allocation scheme with the dynamic upper bound can achieve more power savings than the one with the traditional upper bound.

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