Sign Language Lexical Recognition With Propositional Dynamic Logic

Arturo Curiel, Christophe Collet

This paper explores the use of Propositional Dynamic Logic (PDL) as a suitable formal framework for describing Sign Language (SL), the language of deaf people, in the context of natural language processing. SLs are visual, complete, standalone languages which are just as expressive as oral languages. Signs in SL usually correspond to sequences of highly specific body postures interleaved with movements, which make reference to real world objects, characters or situations. Here we propose a formal representation of SL signs, that will help us with the analysis of automatically-collected hand tracking data from French Sign Language (FSL) video corpora. We further show how such a representation could help us with the design of computer aided SL verification tools, which in turn would bring us closer to the development of an automatic recognition system for these languages.

Knowledge Graph



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