Fast Localization of Facial Landmark Points

Nenad Markuš, Miroslav Frljak, Igor S. Pandžić, Jörgen Ahlberg, Robert Forchheimer

Localization of salient facial landmark points, such as eye corners or the tip of the nose, is still considered a challenging computer vision problem despite recent efforts. This is especially evident in unconstrained environments, i.e., in the presence of background clutter and large head pose variations. Most methods that achieve state-of-the-art accuracy are slow, and, thus, have limited applications. We describe a method that can accurately estimate the positions of relevant facial landmarks in real-time even on hardware with limited processing power, such as mobile devices. This is achieved with a sequence of estimators based on ensembles of regression trees. The trees use simple pixel intensity comparisons in their internal nodes and this makes them able to process image regions very fast. We test the developed system on several publicly available datasets and analyse its processing speed on various devices. Experimental results show that our method has practical value.

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