Applications Oriented Input Design in Time-Domain Through Cyclic Methods

A. Ebadat, B. Wahlberg, H. Hjalmarsson, C. R. Rojas, P. Hagg, C. A. Larsson

In this paper we propose a method for applications oriented input design for linear systems under time-domain constraints on the amplitude of input and output signals. The method guarantees a desired control performance for the estimated model in minimum time, by imposing some lower bound on the information matrix. The problem is formulated as a time domain optimization problem, which is non-convex. This is addressed through an alternating method, where we separate the problem into two steps and at each step we optimize the cost function with respect to one of two variables. We alternate between these two steps until convergence. A time recursive input design algorithm is performed, which enables us to use the algorithm with control. Therefore, a receding horizon framework is used to solve each optimization problem. Finally, we illustrate the method with two numerical examples which show the good ability of the proposed approach in generating an optimal input signal.

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