On the Degrees of freedom of the K-user MISO Interference Channel with imperfect delayed CSIT

Marc Torrellas, Adrian Agustin, Josep Vidal

This work investigates the degrees of freedom (DoF) of the K-user multiple-input single-output (MISO) interference channel (IC) with imperfect delayed channel state information at the transmitters (dCSIT). For this setting, new DoF inner bonds are provided, and benchmarked with cooperation-based outer bounds. The achievability result is based on a precoding scheme that aligns the interfering received signals through time, exploiting the concept of Retrospective Interference Alignment (RIA). The proposed approach outperforms all previous known schemes. Furthermore, we study the proposed scheme under channel estimation errors (CEE) on the reported dCSIT, and derive a closed-form expression for the achievable DoF with imperfect dCSIT.

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