Verifying Web Applications: From Business Level Specifications to Automated Model-Based Testing

Christian Colombo, Mark Micallef, Mark Scerri

One of reasons preventing a wider uptake of model-based testing in the industry is the difficulty which is encountered by developers when trying to think in terms of properties rather than linear specifications. A disparity has traditionally been perceived between the language spoken by customers who specify the system and the language required to construct models of that system. The dynamic nature of the specifications for commercial systems further aggravates this problem in that models would need to be rechecked after every specification change. In this paper, we propose an approach for converting specifications written in the commonly-used quasi-natural language Gherkin into models for use with a model-based testing tool. We have instantiated this approach using QuickCheck and demonstrate its applicability via a case study on the eHealth system, the national health portal for Maltese residents.

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