Exploiting Delay Correlation for Multi-Antenna-Assisted High Speed Train Communications

Chunxu Jiao, Zhaoyang Zhang, Huazi Zhang, Liangliang Zhu

In High Speed Train Communications (HSTC), the most challenging issue is coping with the extremely fast fading channel. Compared with its static counterpart, channel estimation on the move consumes excessive energy and spectrum to achieve similar performance. To address this issue, we exploit the delay correlation inherent in the linear spatial-temporal structure of multi-antenna array, based on which the rapid fading channel may be approximated by a virtual slow-fading channel. Subsequently, error probability and spectral efficiency are re-examined for this staticized channel. In particular, we formulate the quantitative tradeoff between the two metrics of interest, by adjusting the pilot percentage in each frame. Numerical results verify the good performance of the proposed scheme and elucidate the tradeoff.

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