Emotion Analysis Platform on Chinese Microblog

Duyu Tang, Bing Qin, Ting Liu, Qiuhui Shi

Weibo, as the largest social media service in China, has billions of messages generated every day. The huge number of messages contain rich sentimental information. In order to analyze the emotional changes in accordance with time and space, this paper presents an Emotion Analysis Platform (EAP), which explores the emotional distribution of each province, so that can monitor the global pulse of each province in China. The massive data of Weibo and the real-time requirements make the building of EAP challenging. In order to solve the above problems, emoticons, emotion lexicon and emotion-shifting rules are adopted in EAP to analyze the emotion of each tweet. In order to verify the effectiveness of the platform, case study on the Sichuan earthquake is done, and the analysis result of the platform accords with the fact. In order to analyze from quantity, we manually annotate a test set and conduct experiment on it. The experimental results show that the macro-Precision of EAP reaches 80% and the EAP works effectively.

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