Maximum Quadratic Assignment Problem: Reduction from Maximum Label Cover and LP-based Approximation Algorithm

Konstantin Makarychev, Rajsekar Manokaran, Maxim Sviridenko

We show that for every positive $\epsilon > 0$, unless NP $\subset$ BPQP, it is impossible to approximate the maximum quadratic assignment problem within a factor better than $2^{\log^{1-\epsilon} n}$ by a reduction from the maximum label cover problem. Our result also implies that Approximate Graph Isomorphism is not robust and is in fact, $1 - \epsilon$ vs $\epsilon$ hard assuming the Unique Games Conjecture. Then, we present an $O(\sqrt{n})$-approximation algorithm for the problem based on rounding of the linear programming relaxation often used in the state of the art exact algorithms.

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