Integrated Data Acquisition, Storage, Retrieval and Processing Using the COMPASS DataBase (CDB)

J. Urban, J. Pipek, M. Hron, F. Janky, R. Papřok, M. Peterka, A. S. Duarte

We present a complex data handling system for the COMPASS tokamak, operated by IPP ASCR Prague, Czech Republic [1]. The system, called CDB (Compass DataBase), integrates different data sources as an assortment of data acquisition hardware and software from different vendors is used. Based on widely available open source technologies wherever possible, CDB is vendor and platform independent and it can be easily scaled and distributed. The data is directly stored and retrieved using a standard NAS (Network Attached Storage), hence independent of the particular technology; the description of the data (the metadata) is recorded in a relational database. Database structure is general and enables the inclusion of multi-dimensional data signals in multiple revisions (no data is overwritten). This design is inherently distributed as the work is off-loaded to the clients. Both NAS and database can be implemented and optimized for fast local access as well as secure remote access. CDB is implemented in Python language; bindings for Java, C/C++, IDL and Matlab are provided. Independent data acquisitions systems as well as nodes managed by FireSignal [2] are all integrated using CDB. An automated data post-processing server is a part of CDB. Based on dependency rules, the server executes, in parallel if possible, prescribed post-processing tasks.

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