A Percolation based M2M Networking Architecture for Data Transmission and Routing

Jihua Lu, Jianping An, Xiangming Li, Jie Yang, Lei Yang

We propose a percolation based M2M networking architecture and its data transmission method. The proposed network architecture can be server-free and router-free, which allows us to operate routing efficiently with percolations based on six degrees of separation theory in small world network modeling. The data transmission can be divided into two phases: routing and data transmission phases. In the routing phase, probe packets will be transmitted and forwarded in the network thus multiple paths are selected and performed based on the constriction of the maximum hop number. In the second phase, the information will be encoded, say, with the fountain codes, and transmitted using the paths generated in the first phase. In such a way, an efficient routing and data transmission mechanism can be built, which allow us to construct a low-cost, flexible and ubiquitous network. Such a networking architecture and data transmission can be used in many M2M communications, such as the stub network of internet of things, and deep space networking, and so on.

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