Performance of Macro-Scale Molecular Communications with Sensor Cleanse Time

Siyi Wang, Weisi Guo, Song Qiu, Mark D. McDonnell

In this paper, we consider a molecular diffusion based communications link that conveys information on the macro-scale (several metres). The motivation is to apply molecular-based communications to challenging electromagnetic environments. We first derive a novel capture probability expression of a finite sized receiver. The paper then introduces the concept of time-aggregated molecular noise at the receiver as a function of the rate at which the sensor can self-cleanse. The resulting inter-symbol-interference is expressed as a function of the sensor cleanse time, and the performance metrics of bit error rate, throughput and round-trip-time are derived. The results show that the performance is very sensitive to the sensor cleanse time and the drift velocity. The paper concludes with recommendations on the design of a real communication link based on these findings and applies the concepts to a test-bed.

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