Lattice Codes for Many-to-One Interference Channels With and Without Cognitive Messages

Jingge Zhu, Michael Gastpar

A new achievable rate region is given for the Gaussian cognitive many-to-one interference channel. The proposed novel coding scheme is based on the compute-and-forward approach with lattice codes. Using the idea of decoding sums of codewords, our scheme improves considerably upon the conventional coding schemes which treat interference as noise or decode messages simultaneously. Our strategy also extends directly to the usual many-to-one interference channels without cognitive messages. Comparing to the usual compute-and-forward scheme where a fixed lattice is used for the code construction, the novel scheme employs scaled lattices and also encompasses key ingredients of the existing schemes for the cognitive interference channel. With this new component, our scheme achieves a larger rate region in general. For some symmetric channel settings, new constant gap or capacity results are established, which are independent of the number of users in the system.

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