A Kernel-Based Nonparametric Test for Anomaly Detection over Line Networks

Shaofeng Zou, Yingbin Liang, H. Vincent Poor

The nonparametric problem of detecting existence of an anomalous interval over a one dimensional line network is studied. Nodes corresponding to an anomalous interval (if exists) receive samples generated by a distribution q, which is different from the distribution p that generates samples for other nodes. If anomalous interval does not exist, then all nodes receive samples generated by p. It is assumed that the distributions p and q are arbitrary, and are unknown. In order to detect whether an anomalous interval exists, a test is built based on mean embeddings of distributions into a reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS) and the metric of maximummean discrepancy (MMD). It is shown that as the network size n goes to infinity, if the minimum length of candidate anomalous intervals is larger than a threshold which has the order O(log n), the proposed test is asymptotically successful, i.e., the probability of detection error approaches zero asymptotically. An efficient algorithm to perform the test with substantial computational complexity reduction is proposed, and is shown to be asymptotically successful if the condition on the minimum length of candidate anomalous interval is satisfied. Numerical results are provided, which are consistent with the theoretical results.

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