Scaling laws for molecular communication

Andrew W. Eckford, Chan-Byoung Chae

In this paper, we investigate information-theoretic scaling laws, independent from communication strategies, for point-to-point molecular communication, where it sends/receives information-encoded molecules between nanomachines. Since the Shannon capacity for this is still an open problem, we first derive an asymptotic order in a single coordinate, i.e., i) scaling time with constant number of molecules $m$ and ii) scaling molecules with constant time $t$. For a single coordinate case, we show that the asymptotic scaling is logarithmic in either coordinate, i.e., $\Theta(\log t)$ and $\Theta(\log m)$, respectively. We also study asymptotic behavior of scaling in both time and molecules and show that, if molecules and time are proportional to each other, then the asymptotic scaling is linear, i.e., $\Theta(t)=\Theta(m)$.

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