On the complexity of computing Kronecker coefficients

Igor Pak, Greta Panova

We study the complexity of computing Kronecker coefficients $g(\lambda,\mu,\nu)$. We give explicit bounds in terms of the number of parts $\ell$ in the partitions, their largest part size $N$ and the smallest second part $M$ of the three partitions. When $M = O(1)$, i.e. one of the partitions is hook-like, the bounds are linear in $\log N$, but depend exponentially on $\ell$. Moreover, similar bounds hold even when $M=e^{O(\ell)}$. By a separate argument, we show that the positivity of Kronecker coefficients can be decided in $O(\log N)$ time for a bounded number $\ell$ of parts and without restriction on $M$. Related problems of computing Kronecker coefficients when one partition is a hook, and computing characters of $S_n$ are also considered.

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