Recognition of Handwritten MODI Numerals using Hu and Zernike features

Sadanand A. Kulkarni, Prashant L. Borde, Ramesh R. Manza, Pravin L. Yannawar

Handwritten automatic character recognition has attracted many researchers all over the world to contribute automatic character recognition domain. Shape identification and feature extraction is very important part of any character recognition system and success of method is highly dependent on selection of features. However feature extraction is the most important step in defining the shape of the character as precisely and as uniquely as possible. This is indeed the most important step and complex task as well and achieved success by using invariance property, irrespective of position and orientation. Zernike moments describes shape, identify rotation invariant due to its Orthogonality property. MODI is an ancient script of India had cursive and complex representation of characters. The work described in this paper presents efficiency of Zernike moments over Hus moment for automatic recognition of handwritten MODI numerals.

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