Hierarchical Dirichlet Scaling Process

Dongwoo Kim, Alice Oh

We present the \textit{hierarchical Dirichlet scaling process} (HDSP), a Bayesian nonparametric mixed membership model. The HDSP generalizes the hierarchical Dirichlet process (HDP) to model the correlation structure between metadata in the corpus and mixture components. We construct the HDSP based on the normalized gamma representation of the Dirichlet process, and this construction allows incorporating a scaling function that controls the membership probabilities of the mixture components. We develop two scaling methods to demonstrate that different modeling assumptions can be expressed in the HDSP. We also derive the corresponding approximate posterior inference algorithms using variational Bayes. Through experiments on datasets of newswire, medical journal articles, conference proceedings, and product reviews, we show that the HDSP results in a better predictive performance than labeled LDA, partially labeled LDA, and author topic model and a better negative review classification performance than the supervised topic model and SVM.

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