MIMO Multiway Relaying with Clustered Full Data Exchange: Signal Space Alignment and Degrees of Freedom

Xiaojun Yuan

We investigate achievable degrees of freedom (DoF) for a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) multiway relay channel (mRC) with $L$ clusters and $K$ users per cluster. Each user is equipped with $M$ antennas and the relay with $N$ antennas. We assume a new data exchange model, termed \emph{clustered full data exchange}, i.e., each user in a cluster wants to learn the messages of all the other users in the same cluster. Novel signal alignment techniques are developed to systematically construct the beamforming matrices at the users and the relay for efficient physical-layer network coding. Based on that, we derive an achievable DoF of the MIMO mRC with an arbitrary network configuration of $L$ and $K$, as well as with an arbitrary antenna configuration of $M$ and $N$. We show that our proposed scheme achieves the DoF capacity when $\frac{M}{N} \leq \frac{1}{LK-1}$ and $\frac{M}{N} \geq \frac{(K-1)L+1}{KL}$.

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