Model Predictive Control (MPC) Applied To Coupled Tank Liquid Level System

Med. Essahafi

Coupled Tank system used for liquid level control is a model of plant that has usually been used in industries especially chemical process industries. Level control is also very important for mixing reactant process. This survey paper tries to presents in a systemic way an approach predictive control strategy for a system that is similar to the process and is represented by two liquid tanks. This system of coupled Tank is one of the most commonly available systems representing a coupled Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system. With 2 inputs and 2 outputs, it is the most primitive form of a coupled multivariable system. Therefor the basic concept of how the coupled tanks system works is by using a numerical system which it operates with a flow control valve FCV as main control of the level of liquid in one tank or both tanks. For this paper, MPC algorithm control is used which will be developed below. And it is focuses on the design and modelling for coupled tanks system. The steps followed for the design of the controller are: Developing a state space system model for the coupled tank system then design an MPC controller for the developed system model. And study the effect of the disturbance on measured level output. Note that the implementation Model Predictive Controller on flow controller valve in a Coupled Tank liquid level system is one of the new methods of controlling liquid level.

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