Utility Optimal Scheduling in Degree-Limited Satellite Networks

Li Hu, Liu Yuan`an, Yuan Dongming, Hu Hefei, Duan Sirui

In this paper, we consider the problem of flow control together with power allocation to antennas on satellite with arbitrary link states, so as to maximize the utility function while stabilizing the network. Inspired by Lyapunov optimization method, a Degree-Limited Scheduling Algorithm (DLSA) is proposed with a control parameter V, which requires no stochastic knowledge of link state. Discussion about implementation is carried out about the complexity of DLSA and several approximation methods to reduce complexity. Analyze shows DLSA stabilizes the network and the gap between utility function under DLSA and the optimal value is arbitrarily close to zero on the order of O(1/V). Simulation results verify DLSA on a simple network.

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