A class of AM-QFT algorithms for power-of-two FFT

Lorenzo Pasquini

This paper proposes a class of power-of-two FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithms, called AM-QFT algorithms, that contains the improved QFT (Quick Fourier Transform), an algorithm recently published, as a special case. The main idea is to apply the Amplitude Modulation Double Sideband - Suppressed Carrier (AM DSB-SC) to convert odd-indices signals into even-indices signals, and to insert this elaboration into the improved QFT algorithm, substituting the multiplication by secant function. The 8 variants of this class are obtained by re-elaboration of the AM DSB-SC idea, and by means of duality. As a result the 8 variants have both the same computational cost and the same memory requirements than improved QFT. Differently, comparing this class of 8 variants of AM-QFT algorithm with the split-radix 3add/3mul (one of the most performing FFT approach appeared in the literature), we obtain the same number of additions and multiplications, but employing half of the trigonometric constants. This makes the proposed FFT algorithms interesting and useful for fixed-point implementations. Some of these variants show advantages versus the improved QFT. In fact one of this variant slightly enhances the numerical accuracy of improved QFT, while other four variants use trigonometric constants that are faster to compute in `on the fly' implementations.

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