K\"ahlerian information geometry for signal processing

Jaehyung Choi, Andrew P. Mullhaupt

We prove the correspondence between the information geometry of a signal filter and a K\"ahler manifold. The information geometry of a minimum-phase linear system with a finite complex cepstrum norm is a K\"ahler manifold. The square of the complex cepstrum norm of the signal filter corresponds to the K\"ahler potential. The Hermitian structure of the K\"ahler manifold is explicitly emergent if and only if the impulse response function of the highest degree in $z$ is constant in model parameters. The K\"ahlerian information geometry takes advantage of more efficient calculation steps for the metric tensor and the Ricci tensor. Moreover, $\alpha$-generalization on the geometric tensors is linear in $\alpha$. It is also robust to find Bayesian predictive priors, such as superharmonic priors, because Laplace-Beltrami operators on K\"ahler manifolds are in much simpler forms than those of the non-K\"ahler manifolds. Several time series models are studied in the K\"ahlerian information geometry.

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