Efficient Optimal Algorithm of Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment

Dr. Amit Agarwal, Saloni Jain

Cloud computing is an emerging technology in distributed computing which facilitates pay per model as per user demand and requirement.Cloud consist of a collection of virtual machine which includes both computational and storage facility. The primary aim of cloud computing is to provide efficient access to remote and geographically distributed resources. Cloud is developing day by day and faces many challenges, one of them is scheduling. Scheduling refers to a set of policies to control the order of work to be performed by a computer system. A good scheduler adapts its scheduling strategy according to the changing environment and the type of task. In this research paper we presented a Generalized Priority algorithm for efficient execution of task and comparison with FCFS and Round Robin Scheduling. Algorithm should be tested in cloud Sim toolkit and result shows that it gives better performance compared to other traditional scheduling algorithm.

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