Leveraging VMware vCloud Director Virtual Applications (vApps) for Operational Expense (OpEx) Efficiency

Dr. Timur Mirzoev, Ramon Alvarez

Virtualization technology has provided many benefits to organizations, but it cannot provide automation. This causes operational expenditure (OpEx) inefficiencies, which are solved by cloud computing (vCloud Director vApps). Organizations have adopted virtualization technology to reduce IT costs and meet business needs. In addition to improved CapEx efficiency, virtualization has enabled organizations to respond to business needs faster. While virtualization has dramatically optimized core IT infrastructures, organizations struggle to reduce OpEx costs. Because virtualization only addresses server consolidation, administrators are faced with the manual and resource-intensive day-to-day tasks of managing the rest of the data center: networking, storage, user management. This manuscript presents details on how leverage vApps based on a virtualized platform to improve CapEx efficiency in today s data center. The combination of virtualization and cloud computing can transform the data center into a dynamic, scalable, and agile resource capable of achieving significant CapEx and OpEx cost savings.

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