SAP HANA and its performance benefits

Timur Mirzoev, Craig Brockman

In-memory computing has changed the landscape of database technology. Within the database and technology field, advancements occur over the course of time that has had the capacity to transform some fundamental tenants of the technology and how it is applied. The concept of Database Management Systems (DBMS) was realized in industry during the 1960s, allowing users and developers to use a navigational model to access the data stored by the computers of that day as they grew in speed and capability. This manuscript is specifically examines the SAPHigh Performance Analytics Appliance(HANA) approach, which is one of the commonly used technologies today. Additionally, this manuscript provides the analysis of the first two of the four common main usecases to utilize SAP HANA's in-memory computing database technology. The performance benefits are important factors for DB calculations.Some of the benefits are quantified and the demonstrated by the defined sets of data.

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