Algorithm For Multi-Hand Finger Counting: An Easy Approach

Sumit Kumar Dey, Shubham Anand

In this paper we propose an easy algorithm for real time hand finger counting involving one or more than one hand. Hand finger counting is a simple medium for Human-Computer Interface which can prove to be a convenient input method for driving interactive menus, small applications and interactive games. Here, we also calculate the orientation of the hand which can be used to provide inputs for the direction and/or speed control of a robot, controlling mouse cursor or slide-show presentations. If being used by a single person, with his or her two hands, the person can trigger ten different commands with fingers in addition to the orientation of the hand. We tried to use very simple algorithm using very basic mathematics of 2D coordinate geometry and avoided the conventional use of calculus, contours and convex hull. Anyone seeking for an easy to implement hand finger counting algorithm can refer to it.

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