A Joint Optimization of Operational Cost and Performance Interference in Cloud Data Centers

Xibo Jin, Fa Zhang, Lin Wang, Songlin Hu, Biyu Zhou, Zhiyong Liu

Virtual machine (VM) scheduling is an important technique to efficiently operate the computing resources in a data center. Previous work has mainly focused on consolidating VMs to improve resource utilization and thus to optimize energy consumption. However, the interference between collocated VMs is usually ignored, which can result in very worse performance degradation to the applications running in those VMs due to the contention of the shared resources. Based on this observation, we aim at designing efficient VM assignment and scheduling strategies where we consider optimizing both the operational cost of the data center and the performance degradation of running applications and then, we propose a general model which captures the inherent tradeoff between the two contradictory objectives. We present offline and online solutions for this problem by exploiting the spatial and temporal information of VMs where VM scheduling is done by jointly consider the combinations and the life-cycle overlapping of the VMs. Evaluation results show that the proposed methods can generate efficient schedules for VMs, achieving low operational cost while significantly reducing the performance degradation of applications in cloud data centers.

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