Algorithms for Packet Routing in Switching Networks with Reconfiguration Overhead

Timotheos Aslanidis, Marios-Evangelos Kogias

Given a set of messages to be transmitted in packages from a set of sending stations to a set of receiving stations, we are required to schedule the packages so as to achieve the minimum possible time from the moment the 1st transmission initiates to the concluding of the last. Preempting packets in order to reroute message remains, as part of some other packet to be transmitted at a later time would be a great means to achieve our goal, if not for the fact that each preemption will come with a reconfiguration cost that will delay our entire effort. The problem has been extensively studied in the past and various algorithms have been proposed to handle many variations of the problem. In this paper we propose an improved algorithm that we call the Split-Graph Algorithm (SGA). To establish its efficiency we compare it, to two of the algorithms developed in the past. These two are the best presented in bibliography so far, one in terms of approximation ratio and one in terms of experimental results.

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