A blind robust watermarking scheme based on svd and circulant matrices

Noui Oussama, Noui Lemnouar

Multimedia security has been the aim point of considerable research activity because of its wide application area. The major technology to achieve copyright protection, content authentication, access control and multimedia security is watermarking which is the process of embedding data into a multimedia element such as image or audio, this embedded data can later be extracted from, or detected in the embedded element for different purposes. In this work, a blind watermarking algorithm based on SVD and circulant matrices has been presented. Every circulant matrix is associated with a matrix for which the SVD decomposition coincides with the spectral decomposition. This leads to improve the Chandra algorithm [1], our presentation will include a discussion on the data hiding capacity, watermark transparency and robustness against a wide range of common image processing attacks.

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