Comparative Analysis On Some Possible Partnership Schemes of Global IP Exchange Providers

David Gunawan, Karno Budiono

IP eXchange or IPX is GSMA proposal for IP interconnection model which supports multi services to offer end-to-end QoS, security, interoperability, SLAs through a dedicated connection. There are some possible partnership schemes between IPX providers such as peering mode, semi-hosted mode, full-hosted mode, or combination between these modes. The implementation of the schemes will be case-by-case basis with some considerations based on, but not limited to, IPX Providers network asset, coverage, services, features offer, commercial offer, and customers. For an IPX provider to become competitive in IPX business and become a global IPX hub, some value added should be considered such as cost efficiency and great network performance. To achieve it, an IPX provider could implement some strategies such as build network sinergy between them and partners to develop IPX Service as single offering, offer their customers with bundled access network and services. An IPX provider should also consider their existing customer-based that can be a benefit to their bargaining position to other potential IPX provider partners to determine price and business scheme for partnership.

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