Enhancing User Experience for Multi-Screen Social TV Streaming over Wireless Networks

Huazi Zhang, Yichao Jin, Weiwen Zhang, Yonggang Wen

Recently, multi-screen cloud social TV is invented to transform TV into social experience. People watching the same content on social TV may come from different locations, while freely interact with each other through text, image, audio and video. This crucial virtual living-room experience adds social aspects into existing performance metrics. In this paper, we parse social TV user experience into three elements (i.e., inter-user delay, video quality of experience (QoE), and resource efficiency), and provide a joint analytical framework to enhance user experience. Specifically, we propose a cloud-based optimal playback rate allocation scheme to maximize the overall QoE while upper bounding inter-user delay. Experiment results show that our algorithm achieves near-optimal tradeoff between inter-user delay and video quality, and demonstrates resilient performance even under very fast wireless channel fading.

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