Modeling of a Reconfigurable OFDM IP Block Family For an RF System Simulator

Hannu Heusala, Jussi Liedes

The idea of design domain specific Mother Model of IP block family as a base of modeling of system integration is presented here. A common reconfigurable Mother Model for ten different standardized digital OFDM transmitters has been developed. By means of a set of parameters, the mother model can be reconfigured to any of the ten selected standards. So far the applicability of the proposed reconfiguration and analog-digital co-modeling methods have been proved by modeling the function of the digital parts of three, 802.11a, ADSL and DRM, transmitters in an RF system simulator. The model is intended to be used as signal source template in RF system simulations. The concept is not restricted to signal sources, it can be applied to any IP block development. The idea of the Mother Model will be applied in other design domains to prove that in certain application areas, OFDM transceivers in this case, the design process can progress simultaneously in different design domains - mixed signal, system and RTL-architectural - without the need of high-level synthesis. Only the Mother Models of three design domains are needed to be formally proved to function as specified.

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