Computer Simulation Codes for the Quine-McCluskey Method of Logic Minimization

Sourangsu Banerji

The Quine-McCluskey method is useful in minimizing logic expressions for larger number of variables when compared with minimization by Karnaugh Map or Boolean algebra. In this paper, we have tried to put together all of the computer codes which are available on the internet, edited and modified them as well as rewritten some parts of those collected codes our self, which are used in the implementation of the Quine- McCluskey method. A brief introduction and the logic of this method are discussed following which the codes have been provided. The Quine-McCluskey Method has been implemented using computer languages like C and C++ using some amount of variations. Our effort is to list them all, so that the readers well versed in any of the particular computer language will find it easy to follow the code written in that particular language.

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