The configuration multi-edge model: Assessing the effect of fixing node strengths on weighted network magnitudes

Oleguer Sagarra, Francesc Font-Clos, Conrad J. Pérez-Vicente, Albert Díaz-Guilera

Complex networks grow subject to structural constraints which affect their measurable properties. Assessing the effect that such constraints impose on their observables is thus a crucial aspect to be taken into account in their analysis. To this end,we examine the effect of fixing the strength sequence in multi-edge networks on several network observables such as degrees, disparity, average neighbor properties and weight distribution using an ensemble approach. We provide a general method to calculate any desired weighted network metric and we show that several features detected in real data could be explained solely by structural constraints. We thus justify the need of analytical null models to be used as basis to assess the relevance of features found in real data represented in weighted network form.

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