Spinner: Scalable Graph Partitioning in the Cloud

Claudio Martella, Dionysios Logothetis, Andreas Loukas, Georgos Siganos

Several organizations, like social networks, store and routinely analyze large graphs as part of their daily operation. Such graphs are typically distributed across multiple servers, and graph partitioning is critical for efficient graph management. Existing partitioning algorithms focus on finding graph partitions with good locality, but disregard the pragmatic challenges of integrating partitioning into large-scale graph management systems deployed on the cloud, such as dealing with the scale and dynamicity of the graph and the compute environment. In this paper, we propose Spinner, a scalable and adaptive graph partitioning algorithm based on label propagation designed on top of the Pregel model. Spinner scales to massive graphs, produces partitions with locality and balance comparable to the state-of-the-art and efficiently adapts the partitioning upon changes. We describe our algorithm and its implementation in the Pregel programming model that makes it possible to partition billion-vertex graphs. We evaluate Spinner with a variety of synthetic and real graphs and show that it can compute partitions with quality comparable to the state-of-the art. In fact, by using Spinner in conjunction with the Giraph graph processing engine, we speed up different applications by a factor of 2 relative to standard hash partitioning.

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