Head-related Impulse Response-based Spatial Auditory Brain-computer Interface

Chisaki Nakaizumi, Toshie Matsui, Koichi Mori, Shoji Makino, Tomasz M. Rutkowski

This study provides a comprehensive test of the head-related impulse response (HRIR) to an auditory spatial speller brain-computer interface (BCI) paradigm, including a comparison with a conventional virtual headphone-based spatial auditory modality. Five BCI-naive users participated in an experiment based on five Japanese vowels. The auditory evoked potentials obtained produced encouragingly good and stable P300-responses in online BCI experiments. Our case study indicates that the auditory HRIR spatial sound paradigm reproduced with headphones could be a viable alternative to established multi-loudspeaker surround sound BCI-speller applications.

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