Efficient Decoding Algorithms for the Compute-and-Forward Strategy

Asma Mejri, Ghaya Rekaya-Ben Othman

We address in this paper decoding aspects of the Compute-and-Forward (CF) physical-layer network coding strategy. It is known that the original decoder for the CF is asymptotically optimal. However, its performance gap to optimal decoders in practical settings are still not known. In this work, we develop and assess the performance of novel decoding algorithms for the CF operating in the multiple access channel. For the fading channel, we analyze the ML decoder and develop a novel diophantine approximation-based decoding algorithm showed numerically to outperform the original CF decoder. For the Gaussian channel, we investigate the maximum a posteriori (MAP) decoder. We derive a novel MAP decoding metric and develop practical decoding algorithms proved numerically to outperform the original one.

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