3-D Channel Characteristics for Molecular Communications with an Absorbing Receiver

H. Birkan Yilmaz, Akif Cem Heren, Tuna Tugcu, Chan-Byoung Chae

Within the domain of molecular communications, researchers mimic the techniques in nature to come up with alternative communication methods for collaborating nanomachines. This work investigates the channel transfer function for molecular communication via diffusion. In nature, information-carrying molecules are generally absorbed by the target node via receptors. Using the concentration function, without considering the absorption process, as the channel transfer function implicitly assumes that the receiver node does not affect the system. In this letter, we propose a solid analytical formulation and analyze the signal metrics (attenuation and propagation delay) for molecular communication via diffusion channel with an absorbing receiver in a 3-D environment. The proposed model and the formulation match well with the simulations without any normalization.

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