Light Weight Implementation of Stream Ciphers for M-Commerce Applications

Mona Pourghasem, Elham Ghare Sheikhloo, Reza Ebrahimi Atani

In today's world the use of computer and telecommunications networking is essential for human life. Among these, mobile tools and devices due to availability, have found a special impact on everyone life. This feature addition to providing sample facilities such as financial transactions at any place and time has raised the Sensitivities about security of these devices. In order to provide security, numerous techniques have been proposed which due to the limitations of mobile devices; an algorithm should be taken that have the ability to function for light weight ubiquitous computing. In this paper, four eSTREAM candidates from software profile were taken into account and analyzed and implemented by using J2ME technology. Then these algorithms were implemented on a variety of mobile phones and are compared with each other in terms of execution time and finally the obtained Results are expressed.

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