OSHI - Open Source Hybrid IP/SDN networking (and its emulation on Mininet and on distributed SDN testbeds)

Stefano Salsano, Pier Luigi Ventre, Luca Prete, Giuseppe Siracusano, Matteo Gerola, Elio Salvadori

The introduction of SDN in IP backbones requires the coexistence of regular IP forwarding and SDN based forwarding. The former is typically applied to best effort Internet traffic, the latter can be used for different types of advanced services (VPNs, Virtual Leased Lines, Traffic Engineering...). In this paper we first introduce the architecture and the services of an "hybrid" IP/SDN networking scenario. Then we describe the design and implementation of an Open Source Hybrid IP/SDN (OSHI) node. It combines Quagga for OSPF routing and Open vSwitch for OpenFlow based switching on Linux. The availability of tools for experimental validation and performance evaluation of SDN solutions is fundamental for the evolution of SDN. We provide a set of open source tools that allow to facilitate the design of hybrid IP/SDN experimental networks, their deployment on Mininet or on distributed SDN research testbeds and their test. Finally, using the provided tools, we evaluate key performance aspects of the proposed solutions. The OSHI development and test environment is available in a VirtualBox VM image that can be downloaded.

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