Opinion Mining In Hindi Language: A Survey

Richa Sharma, Shweta Nigam, Rekha Jain

Opinions are very important in the life of human beings. These Opinions helped the humans to carry out the decisions. As the impact of the Web is increasing day by day, Web documents can be seen as a new source of opinion for human beings. Web contains a huge amount of information generated by the users through blogs, forum entries, and social networking websites and so on To analyze this large amount of information it is required to develop a method that automatically classifies the information available on the Web. This domain is called Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining. Opinion Mining or Sentiment Analysis is a natural language processing task that mine information from various text forms such as reviews, news, and blogs and classify them on the basis of their polarity as positive, negative or neutral. But, from the last few years, enormous increase has been seen in Hindi language on the Web. Research in opinion mining mostly carried out in English language but it is very important to perform the opinion mining in Hindi language also as large amount of information in Hindi is also available on the Web. This paper gives an overview of the work that has been done Hindi language.

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