Analytical Assessment of Coordinated Overlay D2D Communications

Stelios Stefanatos, Antonis G. Gotsis, Angeliki Alexiou

In this paper, analytical assessment of overlay-inband device-to-device (D2D) communications is investigated, under cellular-network-assisted (coordinated) scheduling. To this end, a simple scheduling scheme is assumed that takes into account only local (per cell) topological information of the D2D links. Stochastic geometry tools are utilized in order to obtain analytical expressions for the interferers density as well as the D2D link signal-to-interference-ratio distribution. The analytical results accuracy is validated by comparison with simulations. In addition, the analytical expressions are employed for efficiently optimizing the parameters of a cellular system with overlay D2D communications. It is shown that coordinated scheduling of D2D transmissions enhances system performance both in terms of average user rate as well as maximum allowable D2D link distance.

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