Optimization and design of a laser-cutting machine using delta robot

B. Moharana, Rakesh Gupta, Bashishth Kumar Kushwaha

Industrial high speed laser operations the use of delta parallel robots potentially offers many benefits due to their structural stiffness and limited moving masses. This paper deals with a particular Delta, developed for high speed laser cutting. Parallel delta robot has numerous advantages in comparison with serial robots Higher stiffness and connected with that a lower mass of links the possibility of transporting heavier loads, and higher accuracy. The main drawback is however a smaller workspace. Hence there exists an interest for the research concerning the workspace of robots.In industrial cutting tool maximum do not have more prescribe measurement to cut so that in This paper is oriented to parallel kinematic robots definition description of their specific application of laser cutting comparison of robots made by different producers and determination of velocity and acceleration parameters kinematic analysis inverse and forward kinematic. It brings information about development of Delta robot. The production of laser cutting machines began thirty years ago. The progress was very fast and at present time every year over 3000 laser cutting machines is installed in the world. Laser cutting is one of the largest applications of lasers in metal working industry.

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