List and Unique Error-Erasure Decoding of Interleaved Gabidulin Codes with Interpolation Techniques

Antonia Wachter-Zeh, Alexander Zeh

A new interpolation-based decoding principle for interleaved Gabidulin codes is presented. The approach consists of two steps: First, a multi-variate linearized polynomial is constructed which interpolates the coefficients of the received word and second, the roots of this polynomial have to be found. Due to the specific structure of the interpolation polynomial, both steps (interpolation and root-finding) can be accomplished by solving a linear system of equations. This decoding principle can be applied as a list decoding algorithm (where the list size is not necessarily bounded polynomially) as well as an efficient probabilistic unique decoding algorithm. For the unique decoder, we show a connection to known unique decoding approaches and give an upper bound on the failure probability. Finally, we generalize our approach to incorporate not only errors, but also row and column erasures.

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