Enhancing CPU Performance using Subcontrary Mean Dynamic Round Robin (SMDRR) Scheduling Algorithm

Sourav Kumar Bhoi, Sanjaya Kumar Panda, Debashee Tarai

Round Robin (RR) Algorithm is considered as optimal in time shared environment because the static time is equally shared among the processes. If the time quantum taken is static then it undergoes degradation of the CPU performance and leads to so many context switches. In this paper, we have proposed a new effective dynamic RR algorithm SMDRR (Subcontrary Mean Dynamic Round Robin) based on dynamic time quantum where we use the subcontrary mean or harmonic mean to find the time quantum. The idea of this approach is to make the time quantum repeatedly adjusted according to the burst time of the currently running processes. Our experimental analysis shows that SMDRR performs better than RR algorithm in terms of reducing the number of context switches, average turnaround time and average waiting time.

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